Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great Places To Take Photos In Reno, Nv Where Are Some Great Places We Could Take Wedding Photos On The Strip In Vegas?

Where are some great places we could take wedding photos on the strip in Vegas? - great places to take photos in reno, nv

We got married at Planet Hollywood in just 2 weeks and try to take the pictures somewhere in the vicinity of Nice. I am a professional photographer, etc. to know, but not from outside the state, where there are wonderful places to take in order to pictures. I love the arches at the Venetian, but I think it would kill many people in the boat. Who knows if it can take anywhere in the Planet Hollywood will be to serve a good basis? We take pictures at sunset outside, so I thought it would be better, but I have no idea where to go. Thanks in advance!


  1. I was at the Bellagio on Sunday and saw a couple on a balcony at the Bellagio, take wedding photos with the sources and the Paris hotel right behind them ... I could not from a wedding in Las Vegas Photo to think better.

    ~ G

  2. There are tons of places to make the amazing photos.

    The front of the Bellagio Fountains. The wooded area opposite the Wynn in Paris, there are many fronts on the stage before you.

    Also in the Venetian, you can very nice shots.

  3. Oh, I love the fact that we were married in September of last year, is taken directly across from the Bellagio fountains spectacular scenery in the vicinity of Paris and should be to Las Vegas sign

    have a great time and we will see some of the pictures.

    Mines of the chapel is located here, we believe that others are not online @ N0 ...

  4. Almost all the places in the Las Vegas Strip (inside and out), is beautiful. I say go for the crowd. Can in the twilight, you must stay with the east of the embargo of Gaza. It depends on how the photographer is and what effect you want.

  5. You should see the Wynn, is the interior for perfect photos. I have some beautiful. It's hard to explain, we need to UCH in and out .. of lush waterfalls

  6. I do not know how long for photos, but the top of the stratosphere is always an option.

  7. There is no way for foreigners in the network to their intention and their flavor, are much less aware of the issue two weeks before the wedding, so it makes no sense for us to give you ideas that are very good for us! For example, I could say that the cactus garden at the lake's Candy Factory, but I'm sure others would disagree (not that I care!). ;)

    Ultimately it is for someone her photographer (hopefully with a good knowledge of the Las Vegas area, because there are many beautiful places outside the area) to see what is best for you, I hope you and ask your fiance (e) series of questions for you and your fiancé (e) better, and then you come up with a list of at least 3 but not more than 5 options (not crazy, right?)You and your fiancé (e) must choose one or maybe two.